(21st May 1416 - 10th June 1439)



(Image from Lambros 1907, 407)



Patriarch Joseph II is thought to have been born in Bulgaria around 1360. He is said to be the illegitimate son of son of John II Šišman (1371-93), Tsar of Bulgaria, and of a Greek mother of the Philanthropenos family (Laurent 1955, 131-34); alternatively he is said to be son of Ivan Alexander, Tsar of Bulgaria (1331-71) (Dujčev 1961, 333-39). The information on his early life is uncertain. In 1393 he became Metropolitan of Ephesos, while he was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1416. He was supporter of supporter of Union with the Roman Church under Manuel II Palaiologos (1391-1425) and John VIII (145-48). He may have been present at the Council of Constance (1416-17) (Nikolov 1973, 202-12) and helped to summon the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-39), although in his eighties and in poor health. He died in Florence just before the end of the Council and was buried in the Church of S. Maria Novella (ODB, 1073-74; Laurent 1962, 5-60; Gill 1964, 15-34; PLP 9073).









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